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The Waves Project -
Symphonic Polyrhythm
El Proyecto Ondas fue creado por Reinhard Flatischler y Johnny Bertl, dos compositores austríacos de antecedentes muy distintos.

The Waves Project was founded by Reinhard Flatischler and Johnny Bertl, two Viennese composers from different backgrounds. Their highly specialized skills enable them to co-create music which one person could never create alone.

The underlying polyrhythmic structures in all compositions compare to the the musical wisdom inherent in a fugue written by J.S.Bach. The overlapping polyrhythmic structures with their primal rhythmic movements radiate the purity of natural laws. When polyrhythmic structures come together with melodic and harmonic progressions and seldom heard percussion sounds, the unique music style of the Waves Project becomes alive.

Born in Vienna in 1950 Studied piano at the prestigious Music University in Vienna. Founded the TaKeTiNa rhythm process in 1970, which is used in education, therapy and performance worldwide. Flatischler´s compositions have fundamentally influenced contemporary drums and percussion music. Media repeatedly describe Flatischler as an „ambassador of the world language rhythm.“ In his legendary MegaDrums group he composed for and performed with some of the best drummers of our time, such as Zakir Hussain, Airto Moreira, Glen Velez, Leonard Eto (KODO), Samulnori and Milton Cardona amongst others. Together with leading scientists and physicians, Flatischler has been conducting rhythm research projects for more than two decades. Flatischler´s CDs and books (e.g. "Rhythm for Evolution", Schott) won several awards and are regarded as standard music literature.
Johnny Bertl is a specialist in orchestral music. His career spans 40 years of highly successful projects in which classical orchestras meet world music, jazz, pop, or folk music.
Bertl has arranged, composed or conduced for Joe Zawinul, Bobby McFerrin, Chaka Chan, Alan Parsons, Placido Domingo, Elina Garanca, Piotr Bezcala and Andreas Gabalier, to name just a few.
El tráiler completo Ondas
Waves upon Waves
Suite for Orchestra, Choir and Percussion in 6 movements

Waves upon Waves“ is an homage to rhythm, which is the primal power behind all forms of life. It also reflects the rhythms expressed in the powerful ocean waves surrounding New Zealand. It salutes the power and beauty of New Zealand´s nature.

Space beyond Space
Suite for Orchestra, Choir and Percussion in 8 movements

„Space beyond Space“ has its world premiere on July 26th 2018 at Auckland Town Hall, New Zealand. It is the second composition commissioned by the Auckland Choral Society – the most renowned choir in the southern hemisphere, dating back to 1855. Auckland Choral Society will be joined in the concert by Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Uwe Grodd. R.Flatischler and Grammy nominee Tupac Mantilla will be on the solo drums performing along with a lineup of other percussionists.

Uwe Grodd disfruta de una reputación internacional como conductor. Ha ganado un significativo número de premios incluyendo el Primer Premio en los Cannes Classical Awards del 2000 y dos Gramophone Editor’s Choice en Inglaterra. Se ha presentado en Festivales Handel y conducido una temporada de la ópera Imeneo en Alemania.
Graduado de Mainz University, Alemania, Uwe estudió con maestros de reputación internacional. Una fuerte influencia musical durante sus estudios fue el especialista coral Helmut Rilling durante varios cursos de verano en la Bach Akademie en su ciudad natal de Stuttgart. Él atribuye su gran crecimiento musical a la guía de dos de los mejores músicos de Europa, Robert Aitken y Maestro Celibidache.
En 1993 Uwe fue nombrado Director Musical de la Orquesta Sinfónica Manukau, y entre 1998 y 2002 actuó como Director Artístico del Festival Musical Internacional en Nueva Zelanda. Fue invitado a ser Director Musical de la Sociedad Coral de Auckland, el coro sinfónico más antiguo de Nueva Zelanda, en julio de 2008.
Grammy® nominated percussionist Tupac Mantilla is considered nowadays one of the leading forces in the contemporary rhythm world, supported by a prolific career that includes appearances as a performer in concert halls such Carnegie Hall and as a lecturer and educator in institutions like Harvard and Stanford University. He has collaborated with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Esperanza Spalding, Savion Glover and Zakir Hussain to name a few.

As the artistic director and founder of Colombia’s Body Percussion troupe TEKEYÉ and the Global Percussion Network PERCUACTION, his innovative methods, books and systems have benefited directly more than 100.000 people around the world. In recent years Tupac’s energetic and interactive workshops and shows have become a highly in-demand activity of top institutions, festivals and venues.
La Orquesta Filarmónica de Auckland es la sinfonía orquestal profesional de tiempo completo de Auckland, sirviendo a la ciudad más grande y vibrante del país con un exhaustivo programa de conciertos, educación y actividades de divulgación.
La Sociedad Coral de Auckland es un coro de escala sinfónica de más de 100 voces. Es el coro más antiguo y prominente de Auckland, y sigue jugando un papel significativo en la escena artística actual de esa ciudad.
Sus miembros son de una amplia variedad de edades así como de diferentes antecedentes culturales y profesionales. Los miembros ensayan semanalmente durante el año y el coro regularmente acepta nuevos miembros siguiendo un proceso de audición exhaustivo. El actual director musical es el Profesor Uwe Grodd.