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Waves upon Waves
The Waves Project was created by Reinhard Flatischler and Johnny Bertl, two Austrian composers from very different backgrounds.
El Proyecto Ondas

El Proyecto Ondas fue creado por Reinhard Flatischler y Johny Bertl, dos compositores autríacos de orígenes muy diferentes. Mientras que Taketina y trabajos tempranos con grupos como MegaDrums hicieron a Flatischler un nombre importante en la música rítmica, Johny Bertl ha trabajado con algunos de los mejores artistas y orquestas de música clásica y de fusión. Estos dos compositores unieron sus habilidades y conocimientos únicos para crear una nueva forma musical que permite que estructuras rítmicas complejas dentro de la música, tratando por igual mente, cuerpo y emociones. Nunca antes se habían mezclado poli-ritmos complejos, progresiones armoniosas y sonidos de percusión impresionantes de modo tan conmovedor y dramático.

El Proyecto Ondas es parte de una serie de composiciones orquestales donde "Waves Upon Waves" es la primera. Fue creado como una comisión por la Sociedad Coral de Auckland y tuvo su premiere mundial en Auckland Town Hall, Nueva Zelanda, con más de 200 músicos participantes en una interpretación impresionante.

El Proyecto Espacio

Flatischler and Bertl are currently working on their second orchestral suite called. "Space beyond Space“. This second opus is also a commission by the Auckland Choral Society and is intended to draw the attention of the audience to the most mysterious element in music - space. The artistic duo created a new composition technique, called „coloring“ that enables the audience to experience the same rhythm completely different through rhythmically highlighting various elements. The premier is scheduled for July 26th 2018 in Auckland Townhall, New Zealand.

Te informaremos en nuestro blog sobre el progreso y el proceso de composición.

El tráiler completo Ondas
Born in Vienna in 1950, classical studies at Vienna Music University; founder of the TaKeTiNa rhythm theory. With his music and teaching, Flatischler has fundamentally changed the modern musical scene becoming one of the most popular new sounds of composition and innovation. The media repeatedly describes him as the "ambassador of the global language of rhythm.“ Flatischlers publications (e.g. "Rhythm for Evolution", Schott) are regarded as standards in the music literature.
Johnny Bertl is a specialist in orchestral music. He is highly successful in projects where classical orchestras meet world music such as jazz, pop, or folk music.

Bertl has cooperations with Joe Zawinul, Bobby McFerrin, Chaka Chan, Alan Parsons, Placido Domingo, Elina Garanca, Piotr Bezcala and Andreas Gabalier.
Uwe Grodd enjoys an international reputation as a conductor. He has won a number of significant awards including First Prize at the Cannes Classical Awards 2000 and two Gramophone Editor’s Choice in the UK. He has performed in Handel Festivals and conducted a season of Handel’s recently rediscovered opera Imeneo in Germany.
A graduate of Mainz University, Germany, Uwe studied with teachers of international repute. A strong musical influence during his study was choral specialist Helmut Rilling during several summer courses at the Bach Akademie in Uwe’s hometown of Stuttgart. He attributes his major musical growth to the guidance of two of Europe’s finest musicians, Robert Aitken and Maestro Celibidache.
In 1993 Uwe was appointed Music Director of the Manukau Symphony Orchestra, and between 1998 and 2002 acted as Artistic Director of the International Music Festival New Zealand. He was invited to become Music Director of the Auckland Choral Society, New Zealand’s longest-established symphonic choir, in July 2008.
Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra is New Zealand’s full-time professional symphony orchestra, serving the country’s largest and most vibrant city with a comprehensive program of concerts, education and outreach activities.
Auckland Choral is a symphonic-scale choir of 100+ voices. It is Auckland's oldest and most prominent choir, and continues to play a significant role in Auckland’s art scene today.
Its members are wide-ranging in age as well as cultural and professional background. Members rehearse weekly throughout the year and the choir regularly accepts new members following a thorough audition process. The current music director is Professor Uwe Grodd.